Sally Verdugt has worn many hats since joining Haig Barrett—which, as she will tell you, is the fun part of working in a management consultancy. It’s also the fun part of any consulting company, really.

As Strategy & Execution Lead, Sally’s current role is managing day-to-day relationships with key client contacts. Her strong commitment to success, consistent performance, and deep knowledge and experience in her clients’ industries allow her to earn client trust and position her as a trusted advisor.

What other roles does Sally play? Motivator: ensuring the team meets and exceeds client goals and objectives. Anticipator: looking for potential issues before they can become problems. Ambassador: representing Haig Barrett to clients and in business development settings.

When it comes to product experience, Sally’s runs the gamut. She’s marketed everything from high-end resorts and private jets to tough, rugged trucks. No matter what she’s working on, Sally has a knack for getting a handle on the competitive landscape and where the industry is trending – keeping clients ahead of the curve and on top of the category.

But, guess what Sally wears even more varieties of than hats? Perfume. An avid collector, she has more than 200 bottles! She also makes a yearly trek to Sniffapalooza –an annual event for scent enthusiasts held in New York City.

If she could choose a superpower (or two), Sally would duplicate her team members in the event of client crisis. Or, maybe just see the future. Then she could get a jump on things and maybe avoid the whole duplication thing.