Let’s face it. There are a lot of new trends out there — enough to make your head spin. Half of the battle is knowing which trend is most important for your business. The other half? Well, it’s also understanding how to implement the trend so you get real results.

This is where we can help. Haig Barrett has created two new divisions focused solely on bringing your the latest information on two of the hottest topics. We’ll weed out the fluff and give you a run down of all the most relevant information for your business. Think of us as your eyes and ears to the latest trends.

The W Factor



The W Factor — Our mission at The W Factor is to bridge the communications between women and brands by using analytics, segmentation, and strategy to help redefine female identity.



Technology Automotive Offense — Technology Automotive Offense, or affectionately known as TAO, is Haig Barrett’s new exclusive supper club about the changing technology and automotive landscape. It’s an opportunity for both industries to have a dialogue on the latest trends and ways to collaborate. Our mission is to bridge the conversation between the technology and automotive industries so both industries can work seamlessly together and provide a better consumer experience.