What’s your vision of success? How will you get there? With Haig Barrett. We’re consultants, but also partners, sidekicks, confidantes, yogis, thinking buddies, friends. Guided by your vision and our fresh POV, together, we will…

Think. Innovate. Execute.



Our expertise starts with your expertise. Our success is your success. Because we help you identify your strengths, develop innovative marketing and creative strategies, and find the right touchpoints to reach your customers.


Target Marketing

Learn a new language—the language of your unique customer groups. You’ll build strong relationships, and be better able to captivate and inspire them.


Product Launch

New product? Launch it right, and you’ll win your customers over for good. From initial vision to solidifying your spot in the marketplace, we’ll be with you.


Customer Experience

Motivate, Communicate, Act, React, Interact. Tune in with your customers and they’ll always come back. That’s how we reach our own customers. It works for us, and we think it’ll work for you, too.


Business Alignment

Think about each division of your company. The systems that run each one. Together, we’ll make sure all those parts are operating in harmony. Balance means efficiency, and success.


Customer Data-Driven Strategy

Make the most of your most important strategic asset: data. Our unique approach turns your raw data into valuable insights, and then, into the foundation of smart planning. Remember, an investment in smart marketing analytics pays dividends.

Fact Sheet

About us…in one page. We tried 140 characters, we really did.

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