When it comes to seamlessly integrating brand communication plans, experience matters.

And after spending the last 13 years developing integrated communication strategies for some of the leading automobile, consumer packaged goods, travel, and entertainment companies in the world, Marco Inga has a wealth of experience to share.

Need to build a stronger brand communication? Marco is your guy. He knows how to turn consumer insight into strong connection points with brands by mapping out consumer behavior and media portraits.

Wondering how to integrate media platforms? He’s got you covered on this as well! Let’s just say that if getting the right message to the customer with the right platform is a recipe for building lasting relationships, then he’s head chef.

Oh, did we mention he even executed an award-winning campaign for Adidas?

Marco has a lot of experience, but one thing he’s still working on is building sand castles! Good thing his 8 month old son is helping him perfect this skill.

In his spare time, Marco is always out and about. He loves to play soccer and beach volleyball, snowboard and surf. Get him a ball or board and he’s one happy guy!

As for his superpower, Marco wants to freeze time. This way he can step back, throw his feet up, and have some fun tossing around ideas on the wall for his clients. But secretly, we think he wants to freeze time so he can enjoy more time with his son and practice making those sand castles.