WELLESLEY, Mass., June 22, 2011 -Haig Barrett, a leader in advanced digital field communications, recently showcased new “digital on demand” field communications technologies to attendees at a Haig Barrett-sponsored event at Babson College’s Executive Conference Center here. The event addressed technology advances and approaches employed to create a digital on demand environment to produce business gains in a number of industries. Specifically, attendees viewed a case study that showed recent communication advances Toyota Motor Sales Corp. had made by adopting new technologies and the results achieved with dealers. In addition, they saw how Toyota and other companies employ best practices to create a digital on demand environment to improve sales.

“Lessons learned from the Toyota experience are directly relevant to companies in other industries that face comparable challenges,” said Haig Armaghanian, CEO of Haig Barrett. “We feel that improved field communication is critical to optimizing sales.”

During the event, Armaghanian gave a presentation showing how Toyota met the challenge, how the sales force improved performance, and how productivity gains resulted.

Attendees included companies such as Morgan Stanley, Computer Associates, and Rain Group. Members of the Haig Barrett team from Los Angeles, Boston, and New York were also in attendance.

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