How carefully calculated changes can lead to big growth

A deeper understanding of women’s experience can make an impact across all segments and many types of business.

A leading automotive company approached Haig Barrett to identify how to better serve their female buyer. As is often the case, this company felt greater and greater pressure to identify segments and optimize the spend in order to attract these buyers and grow the business. But how do they to speak specifically to this group? How can they create a genuine and healthy growth in this segment?

It was a matter of innovation, understanding what impacts their buying habits and influencing these groups in new and different ways. Many women feel underserved or misunderstood by automotive makers; it was time to change that.

The findings indicated that women are early adopters and pioneers in the buying world. The women in this segment were field marketers, early adopters and helped Haig Barrett develop a whole new consumer-facing process.

This client was able to adjust their spend to be more efficient. They were able to redesign aspect of the sales process to accommodate this consumer and made a clear and conscious effort to be considerate of their needs. Once the client understood what the women wanted and needed, they could translate these findings across categories to serve a wider group.

Through simple, practical tactics as minimal as changing the “meet and greet process,” the client was able to create a memory, an experience and a connection. They altered the way a salesperson approaches the potential buyer, created value-added events propagated by blogging and social media, and more. In a short time, Haig Barrett was able to help this client reach market saturation.

Haig Barrett understands this segment is intelligent, crunched for time and decisive. Haig Barrett knows how they like to spend their free time, where they shop most often and how they best like to get their news and information. This segment is one to be respected. They are vocal innovators who want to be better served by our clients. If one listens carefully and reads between the lines, they’ll tell you how to best serve them.


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