Creating a formula for business alignment, growth and success



Learning the chemistry of social dynamics and using that knowledge to speed innovation to market.

Our client, a biotech company in the Silicon Valley that engineers enzymes for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, reached out to Haig Barrett for assistance. While the company has been extremely successful from a world-class science and marketing perspective, they were facing technology commercialization challenges. With many potential market opportunities to pursue, the company struggled to find a way to select and decide which market opportunities were more deserving of further investments.

In addition, the company’s marketing efforts to reach its target markets and audience did not deliver as expected, partly because of legacy marketing investments.

Many departments behaved in an isolated manner, and their lack of ability to share information was hurting the company’s capability to commercialize and promote products and technology for new clients.

Haig Barrett recognized the need for an integrated approach to address multiple client needs simultaneously. Our teams worked with the client to develop and implement scalable processes to enhance their ability to respond collaboratively to issues as varied as customer inquiries to the delivery of orders for existing products and services.

For potential new products and services, our teams worked with the company leaders and scientists to define their strategic selection criteria for product development and innovation. We also worked as a team to design an open and transparent decision-making process when evaluating and choosing investment opportunities. The results of these efforts and outcomes were translated in real time to an updated marketing strategy and improved promotional campaigns.

The new processes have been in place for several months and initial results, both quantitative and qualitative, are very positive. The focus across all tiers of management of the organization means that the company has been able to close key deals and meticulously create new opportunities. By streamlining the business across the various strata of each department, we helped establish a more cohesive work environment that resulted in less lag time among departments, plus consistent communications and a higher quality of workflow. Key managers have also reported feeling greater job satisfaction and being more closely connected to the leadership and the overall company strategy. It seems this company, with a culture steeped in chemistry, was ready to take on the science of good communication and improved marketing practices.


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