Transporting a brandTransporting a brand

How Haig Barrett became part of the team and helped propel the successful launch of a redesigned automobile.

With the rollout of an updated, overarching rebrand across our client’s entire product line and new product launches, this major automotive manufacturer’s brand team found themselves in need of support. They needed assistance managing their campaigns, meeting business objectives, and supporting brand integrity more than ever. Thus, the brand team reached out to Haig Barrett for advertising and product marketing support.

Because our consultants have a diverse skill set and multifaceted backgrounds, we were able to dive straight into each challenge, nose first. We absorbed the brand voice and tone of the redesigned vehicles, and studied the evolution of the brand essence and the marketing process of the client.

In very little time, we were able to serve as an extension of the brand team. We improved processes by pulling from previous experiences. We were also able to break through the barriers of communication and assimilate quickly into the client’s culture, effortlessly navigating through the different levels of approval.

Throughout, we coordinated the various stakeholders and kept everyone on schedule and informed of any updates, unexpected hiccups or changes as projects progressed. Furthermore, we worked with the agency partners to help streamline the feedback and provided guidance and advice on marketing best practices.

Haig Barrett was also able to assist in setting up metrics of success for the campaigns, not only adding value to each day we worked with the various teams, but also preparing them for future success.

The company’s Brand Managers were very pleased with the assistance we provided – so much so, that they felt free to hand over the project completely into our capable hands while they focused on another, very high-profile product launch. The Brand Managers identified our team’s tenacity and knowledge as the keys to their overall success.

Not only did our input help move the campaigns forward, it also helped move the clients forward on the long road to fiscal success, as well as help earn them recognition among various strata of management. We feel honored to be considered part of the team and plan to help drive sales and create efficiencies within the company for many years to come.


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