One of Haig Barrett’s “veterans”, Ted Whetstone has been a core member of the team since 2005.

For most of that time, he’s been working on Toyota, one of Haig Barrett’s largest accounts. And because he’s acquired such a deep history on the brand, the Toyota clients trust Ted to handle some pretty diverse tasks—everything from complex analytics and performance strategy to “in the weeds” project management.

Basically, if it needs to get done right, they know Ted will meet—and exceed—their expectations.

After graduating with an Engineering degree from Cornell, he joined Lutron Electronics where he wore many hats—product management, sales and business development. One of the highlights of his time at Lutron was establishing the company’s subsidiary in Tokyo. From there, Ted took his knowledge to the world of start-ups, helping multiple companies go from great idea to great profits.

When he joined Haig Barrett in 2005, he found the best of both worlds—a steady gig in which he is always challenged by new, exciting opportunities.

And here’s something you may not expect from Ted. From Monday through Friday, he’s pretty much a straight arrow. But when the weekend comes, you’re likely to find Ted having a blast with his friends—grabbing a wig and looking for a dance joint that plays 70’s funk disco.

And if Ted had a superpower, he’d choose the ability to see the future. Clients would benefit because Ted would help them find clarity in the unknown. And of course, he’d benefit because he’d always know which club to hit up on Saturday night.