Oil & Gas Services Company Revamps Training ProgramOil and Gas Services Company Revamps Training Program

This client provides full service to the global oil and gas industry, focus on completion fluids, related technologies, water management, well services, and technology covering the full production lifecycle of the well. Provides expert professional staff to work on well sites around the world.

The Challenge

Global demand for on-site oil and gas professionals to operate wells around the world has driven need for consistent, accurate and authoritative professional training in oil well technology. The company and its Training Technology Center is expected to deliver stakeholders with the appropriate and specific skill sets necessary to build, complete and maintain production wells for its clients.


  • Company has developed custom courseware on core oil and gas technologies
  • Classes are offered at company HQ for proprietary learning resources, but classes are not offered globally
  • There has been no investment in developing media training based on company content

Project Scope

Focus activity was a business learning audit specifying current forms of Tetratec training delivery to internal teams, external partners and customers. Audit will provide foundation knowledge for development of a strategic and unified learning plan, which can integrate content, instructional methods, media, tools and processes.

An “Audit and Learning Plan” to serve to streamline and integrate the complex components that support the sophisticated needs of company’s chemistry-based technology learning offering. The company and the Training Technology Center, the active driver in the project work, will have the means to offer a flexible program that meets the needs of both expert instructional talent and globally-positioned learner populations.

Added Value

The solution team applied a “domain-based” information design to express complex business
problems as a set of understandable and workable components, such as:

  • Audiences – select groups for Companies learning programs
  • Content – types of learning content that meet the needs of target groups.
  • Delivery –Media platforms used engage the learner and create an environment for learning (for example: Mobile phone, iPad, desktop)
  • Measurement and evaluation techniques – metrics and processes used to measure the effectiveness of the learning program


Learning audit began as a file review of existing materials, but grew to include interviews with more stakeholders than originally planned. Input from executives, managers outside of the Training Tech Center as well as experts within it yielded many insights on what the current state of training was, and what many people thought it should be, including areas needed to be covered, and optimal media to use to get training used and to be successful.

Project represented a clear refresh on existing training methods, content and media. Identified areas of opportunity for new content and development to meet needs of global customers.

Project Wins

Haig“The value of training often depends who is looking and what they may not be seeing. Well  trained people can often avoid “the cost of failure” because they have been prepared to deal  with emergencies and demanding situations that often arise in the field. This project did show many levels of accomplishment by the training team given the available resources they had, and laid the groundwork for more attention to training in the future.”

-Haig Armaghanian, CEO Haig Barrett

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