Biotech Company Revamps Sales Organization and ProcessesBiotech Company Revamps Sales Organization

Our client is a leading developer of biocatalysts, which are enzymes or microbes that initiate and accelerate chemical reactions. The client’s technologies benefit pharmaceutical industry, fine chemicals, flavors and fragrances, to animal health, food and nutrition, agrochemicals and carbon capture.

The Challenge

Entire organization affected by lack of professional selling processes, development of related skills and sales results. Project focus is to develop all related skills to assist company in breaking into pharmaceutical and adjacent industries to increase sales revenues.


  • Company does not have professional sales and supporting process in place
  • Investments being made to improve overall sales & marketing approach to improve results

Project Scope

The core of this effort is creating value – first, by helping the company create a culture of value in-house through disciplined sales and supporting marketing systems that aggressively target their high performance markets. Secondly, by providing the execution, motivation and tools to enable them to create value with real customers. The focus undertaking is to identify 5-10 real prospects The true focus of the project is to create relevant processes the company culture respects that can keep delivering them.

Added Value

The project is designed to create value; the execution is designed around relevance. Consultants work with company staff, managers and executives to facilitate and design a relevant solution. Interactive engagement between the solution team and client group begins with full-day kickoff at headquarters and maintain ongoing team education, interactions and group meetings, as well as individual coaching for each participant.


Project touched upon many core issues that related to sales, sales execution as well as operational issues that supported sales. Through the course of the project experience, the company identified a number of key in-house issues to be addressed. Work with the solution team and client staff, managers and executives yielded solid and usable input on individual strengths and weaknesses. As a direct result of the project, a number of employment decisions were made, including staffing in Europe.

Project Wins

Haig“Sales Development project touches on how important value-based communication is,
particularly in companies that are driven by innovation and technology. Just developing a
superior solution or innovation is rarely enough to crack a market, the sales and marketing
team has to be able to position the value of products and services, why they make a
difference, and to execute this consistently, across existing clients and new prospects alike.
Communication is challenging but it is the key to success.

-Haig Armaghanian, CEO Haig Barrett

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