Nina Cohen

Nina has always liked the business side of business—the day to day operations, behind the scenes action that keeps businesses ticking.

After receiving her Master’s of Fine Arts degree from UCLA Film School (preferring the producing and business affairs side of movie making) and assisting on a few films, Nina found herself in the music business. She designed a Mac computer program to track radio airplay for a promotion, marketing and management firm. Nina also worked on the artist management side of the music business with Paula Abdul, Julia Fordham and No Doubt.

Later on, Nina worked as head of finance and administration for a company that manufactured toys licensed from Disney for Burger King then, back to the music biz again, managed world renowned musician and producer David Foster’s Time Warner joint venture record label. She also worked with Ozzy Osbourne’s business management firm.

Nina’s business management clients have included law firms, real estate developers, experiential marketing firms, IT consultants, clothing manufacturers and retailers, design firms and high net worth individuals.