Murray Schwartz

Combining his passion for music, sports and travel, Murray Schwartz has followed a winding path of unique opportunities over the course of his long career. As a teen, Murray was the official photographer for Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert and other major TV music shows. In 1977, he and two friends started a punk rock and heavy metal fanzine, Raw Power Magazine, which reached 10,000 readers by the time Murray was just 18 years old.

It was at university that Murray came up with the idea for his career and company: RPMC, a company that was equivalent to “The Club Med of Rock’n’Roll.” RPMC, which first began as a way to update radio stations and media worldwide on who was playing when and where, quickly became an elite sponsorship activation firm that created some of the most impactful and talked about Travel Entertainment Promotions in the industry including: ” It was 20 Years ago Today” Party at Abbey Road Studios, Budweiser Rock n Roll Summit with the Rolling Stones in Moscow, Halloween in Hollywood, and others. The company worked closely with major Sporting Events, Music Tours and once-in-a-lifetime shows from Amnesty International, Live Aid and The Wall at the Wall. In addition, Murray produced many Radio Remote Broadcasts for some of the most famous radio DJ’s of the era including Howard Stern from destinations including Abbey Road Studios, Hard Rock Cafes, London, Moscow and Munich.

RPMC and Murray Schwartz became synonymous in the business as the go-to place for designing innovative destination experiences for corporate business incentive use. He has worked with AB/InBev, Adidas, Amgen, Coca Cola, Discovery Channel, D&B, Formula 1, The Grammy Awards, Hard Rock Cafe, Intel, McDonalds, Sony, UBS and many, many more.

Murray has been involved in working with The Olympics since the 1992 Barcelona Games where he and his agency produced the Westwood One/NBC Radio hospitality.  Since that time he has produced radio remote broadcasts, consumer promotions, travel hospitality/incentives and unique activation including consulting for companies such as Adidas, Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Nike and the Chicago Olympic Bid committee.  His experience includes working directly with host cities, the IOC and USOC.
Murray divides his time between California and the U.K.