Haig Armaghanian Leads the Conversation with Synthetic Biology Executives Revolutionizing Therapeutic Development

The therapeutic breakthroughs that are hitting the pages of scientific publications and news media outlets almost every day can make it feel as though this revolutionary medical progress came out of thin air. However, biological understanding, the work of scientists worldwide and enabling technologies have converged to deliver today’s rapid progress. The synthetic biology revolution that we are now experiencing has been quite a journey.

The biochemistry of the 1980s focused on how to analyse biological materials and understand how they work. In the 1990s, we developed ways to screen more quickly and come up with answers (and products) faster. The genomic boom was kicked off by the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. Today, we have sophisticated modelling, automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other powerful computational capabilities to discover new prospects at an increasingly accelerated pace. The last century was all about plastics, computers, software and other innovations powered by quantum physics. The twenty first century will be driven by biology … and it will have a massive impact on our economic output. …READ MORE