Khayal Algosaibi Jones is a people person at heart. He enjoys sitting down with people, getting to know them, and looking for ways to make them happy. And it shows in his work.

Prior to joining Haig Barrett, Khayal coordinated events for Owl and Panthers, a non-profit organization for refugees. The events he coordinated helped refugees from all over the world adjust to a new country and heal from the trauma they endured.

It is this service mindset that drew him to Haig Barrett where he’s one of our Project Warriors. As a Project Warrior, Khayal works with our clients to ensure their goals are reached with ease (and of course a little fun).

Originally from London, Khayal spent his childhood between Western and Middle Eastern cultures – often traveling between the UK and Saudi Arabia to visit family. His interest in other cultures led him to study International Relations at Harvard.

True to most Californians, he enjoys spending his time outdoors. In his spare time, you can find him surfing the best surf spots in Los Angeles or skateboarding around town. But don’t let his laid back Cali style fool you. He is also a bookworm and cites Shantaram as one of his favorite books.

If Khayal could pick any superpower, he would choose the ability to teleport, to “jump” from one location to another in the blink of an eye. Not only will it allow him to travel around the world and immerse himself into other cultures, but he’d also be able to help his clients be 10 steps ahead of the game. Now who wouldn’t want that?