No matter what the industry, Karine can pull together a solid marketing plan, with style. Karine’s experience within the fashion world, her trained eye for creating beauty and understanding the aesthetics of a brand gives her a unique perspective we use to our client’s advantage.

Karine’s background includes five years at Clarins Fragrance Group in Paris, working as their International Marketing Manager, four years at LVMH Kenzo Fashion, presenting collections to agents and importers, conducting commercial follow ups, explaining competition analysis, recommendations and more. That’s what she’s known for. Her uncanny ability to analyze how a specific brand should approach its audience and help create a unique angle and campaign for that brand to reach its most ideal audience.

At Haig Barrett, Karine is a Marketing Strategist and currently advising Toyota on how to best communicate their new brand across the company. But coming up with the plan is only part of the job. Karine works with her teammates to implement the approved plans and helps manage the budget, resources, and timeline.

If she had her pick of superpowers, Karine would choose telepathy and she’d use it to serve her clients. Because staying ahead of the trends is all about reading the market—and her customer’s mind. A trendsetter in her own right, we can’t wait to see what Karine pulls together next as she dresses up ideas, strategies and even tired-looking office furniture with flash and style.