Josh Dunn

From labels and packaging, to mining and minerals, to automotive parts—Josh M. Dunn knows how to develop a business and keep it running.

As a Strategy & Execution Lead for Haig Barrett, Josh currently leads a project for Toyota, and its luxury vehicle division Lexus, which bridges Marketing and Supply chain functions to improve customer satisfaction. But his qualifications and expertise are far from narrow.

Prior to joining Haig Barrett, Josh held numerous Marketing and Program Leadership roles in several divisions of Avery Dennison. He also spent 18 years at Rio Tinto in various Marketing, Business Improvement and Regulatory Leadership roles in their Industrial Minerals division. Perhaps that’s why he’s such a goldmine of knowledge and expertise.

So, what’s a guy like Josh—who’s always looking toward the future—do for fun? Besides spending time with his family, he travels extensively—having visited more than 50 countries across the globe. In fact, the only continent he hasn’t (yet) visited is Antarctica—though he looks forward to seeing the penguins.

When asked what he would choose as his superpower, it’s no surprise that Josh wishes he could predict the future. He knows how valuable such a skill could be to clients. The funny thing is, from looking at his past successes, you might think he already can.