You might say he’s one of the people who runs the joint.

Fred Amiryan is tasked with setting up and running Haig Barrett’s PMO—Project Management Office. As the PMO involves overseeing each project team to ensure successful completion of projects, he knows a thing or two (or fifty) about finding the best solution for clients.

Fred doesn’t just sit back and watch. He’s in the middle of the action to make sure project teams run the way they should. On every project. Every time. He also jumps in with data analytics, project management, product development, business development and technical support. If something needs to get done, Fred can handle it.

In fact, Fred’s expertise in handling all the details has become so well known, clients have come to think of him as a sort of “translator” —that invaluable liaison between the confusing data analysis, and the tangible objectives of applying that knowledge to find real, on-the-ground solutions.

It’s why Fred Amiryan plays such a valuable role as Chief Project Warrior for Haig Barrett. He’s got undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry as well as an MBA. From there, he spent nearly ten years building and running enterprise-wide systems for WellPoint and Wellcare, as well as running his own IT consulting company.

When he’s not in the office, Fred enjoys spending quality time with family and friends (and even his coworkers!). An avid road cyclist, he is far from your typical consultant, feeling at home pushing himself through grueling climbs on mountain roadways.

But if he could have his superpower of choice, he would gladly trade in his bike for it. Fred would love the ability to fly from client to client. This would help him pack even more into a business day – and it would sure grab attention over the skies of LA.