Rhea Kim knows how to plan, how to research, and how to execute. And she should—she has 20 years’ experience in the trenches.

A real “renaissance woman,” Rhea’s strong background includes experience in high-profile global marketing and advertising, branding, corporate relations, strategic planning, leadership coaching, product development, and client management for successful companies across many fields.

Rhea is also a respected researcher and professor at the University of Southern California, known for her work in the field of Diversity research. Her dissertation on “Asian American Females in Higher Education Leadership” is scheduled for publication.

So how does Rhea put that experience to work for her clients? By helping them grow and develop their business. By helping them identify strategic partnerships. And by providing a scientific counterpart to the art of brand positioning and marketing.

But don’t let the lab coat fool you. Rhea is just as “at home” with a paintbrush and a fresh canvas as she is running analyses on her computer. She’s an accomplished artist, working in oils, sculpture, fine printing and bookmaking. She also loves to cook, and her dream is to combine these passions into restaurant with space for up-and-comers in the art and music world. Oh, and did we mention she’s a competitive (we didn’t say phenomenal) golfer? It’s clear that Rhea has a natural curiosity about life and all it has to offer.

Perhaps this curiosity is what drives her to understand her clients so deeply. And may also be why her superpower of choice would be to read minds. That way, she would really understand what they needed – and deliver before they ever asked for it. It would also be a great way for her to find out where women she passes on the streets of LA find their fabulous shoes.