Haig Barrett is excited to introduce the Technology Automotive Offense (TAO) Super Club. Every few months Haig Barrett will host an evening full of dinner, drinks and stimulating conversation around the future of Automotive and Technology.

The first TAO Supper Club was held on September 29th with a packed room of automotive and technology experts.

The topic for discussion included “A high-tech transportation future in a multi-modal reality” and featured guest speaker Kati Rubinyi, the founder of Civic Projects, a consultant firm specializing in strategic planning with a focus on sustainable mobility planning and project development. With a background as research and development innovator, Kati brings a design approach to planning and project integration.

Technology and big data both impact how we design the automotive experience and will continue to bring new interaction between people and vehicles. As this new landscape emerges, we ask ourselves and imagine what kind of relationships will we have with our cars and the world around us. The trend is definitely toward shared mobility and mobility platforms.

More information about the event will be posted soon.



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