Global Specialty Chemicals Company Integrates Salesforce Technology Tool After AcquisitionSpecialty Chemicals Post M&A

This client is a world-leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of specialty and custom chemicals, compounds and services for top pharmaceutical companies.

The Challenge

To integrate leading chemical industry CRM solution from a recent acquisition across all divisions to maximize efficiency, sales and profits.


  • Each division has separate, non-compatible CRM system
  • Technology, processes, and customer business strategy are non-aligned
  • New acquisition has leading edge, chem/pharma specialty CRM solution in place

Project Scope

We saw an opportunity to upgrade to Siebel CRM Suite and take it company-wide. The platform was Chem/Pharma industry specific and installed in place at a recently acquired subsidiary. We felt the move was more than technical; the value would be to refocus the entire organization to a customer-centric strategy. This in turn provided foundation to refocus, refine and improve customer sales process and internal process tools that would ultimately support better CRM decision making – from manager level to the executive suite.

Added Value

Potential risks are aligning Siebel CRM to the specific needs of each of the Company’s divisional businesses. Opportunity we feel over time to both deepen alignment within the divisions and develop deeper and more integrated CRM engagement across all company businesses to support a true customer-driven business strategy and sales process.

Detailed process mapping of every interaction with customer helped to establish customer positioning for products services, ideal customer behavior and correct interactions between departments in various sales processes supporting different products/services.


The approach was integrated, including all the necessary components to move forward and improve business outcomes based upon an effective customer-centric strategy. The Siebel CRM solution was implemented company wide, supported by detailed sales processes and maps demonstrating dialogue and customer integration in the CRM process. Key system information, tools and communication were provided for sales management and marketing to round out the solution.

Project Wins

  • Integrated approach to customer information management
  • Sharing customer intelligence between divisions
  • Improved management and executive decision making based upon stronger processes and information

Haig“CRM Project represented a key building block for the client in transforming a group of separate divisions and acquired companies into a single, integrated and efficiently functioning sales organization”

-Haig Armaghanian, CEO Haig Barrett

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