What’s in a name? When your name is Aria Raphael, people might expect you to make beautiful music. Or beautiful art. Or perfect harmony with those around you.

Aria’s role at Haig Barrett is to make sure that each team member has what they need to take exemplary care of their clients. If any piece of the puzzle is missing, Aria finds it and puts it in place.

And, if that weren’t enough, Aria also facilitates communication between team members, and helps to organize how best to communicate with clients—the Haig Barrett Way.

To put it plainly, Aria keeps the Haig Barrett crew in perfect harmony.

Aria’s intuitive communications skills were honed through winning a public speaking contest at her Nova Scotia high school (Go St. Pat’s!), and carried through her degree in International Affairs. Before joining Haig Barrett, she even managed her own consulting business, and conducted trainings for 1500+ people on sales effectiveness and leadership skills.

When Aria isn’t making beautiful music at work, she takes her harmonizing with her—singing in a hip hop choir, rapping, and dancing (sometimes around her living room!). She also has trouble choosing one superpower, overachiever that she is. Perhaps “regular” psychic powers are enough, or how about invisibility and the ability to fly? Knowing Aria, she’d find a way to meld all of them in harmony.